John Cena Facts:

John Cena pinned/defeated Randy Orton ontop of the Hell In A Cell cage this year. (2009)

- Dannielle Blunt Cenafan96

John Cena is so strong, the term Iron Man Match is named after him.

- Troofsayer

John Cena had a WWE Title match less then 9 months after his debut.

- JeffHardyBrand

John Cena is a real taurean as born under the zodiac sign of taurus.

- john cena

Cena is a known fan of Japanese animation and has mentioned on Five Questions that his favorite animated movie is Fist of the North Star. He has also said that he is a fan of the video game series Command & Conquer and names it his favorite game of all time.Hes also a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays, a Major League Baseball team. Cena collects muscle cars and has over 20, some of which are one-of-a-kind.

- vani ... vani cena

1. He is Longest reigning WWE Champion within the last 20 years. 2. makes more money 4 WWE in merchandising than anyone in history 3. Turned upto WWE RAW tapings 3 hours after having neck surgery 4. his Body is all natural no toxins of no sort 5. Dated Mickie James WWE DIVAS Champion but are best friends now 6. Intoduced the WWE spinner belt for 2 different belts 7. Granted more make a wishes for kids than any other Celebrity ever


He won the 2008 royal rumble

- He rocks

As of April 2009, John is 32. His favorite color is green. He collects jerseys. He recently lost the World Heavywieght Champianship to Edge(because of Big Show).

- -John Cenas wifey: Rachel.

John Cena is 32 years old. His birthday is april 23 1977. He has five brothers.

- Anonymous

john cena is now world heavyweight wrestlemania 25 he picked up edge an bigshow at the same times!he also picked up mark henry!thats incredible.this year of 2009 edge faced him for the world heavyweight championship.

- Anonymous

John Cena is the World Heavy Weight Champion

- Chevy

John Cena will be wrestling Edge and Big Show at wrestlemania. 2009

- john cena number 1 fan ever and ever

John Cena has had a CD out called You Cant See Me which includes his theme song The Time Is Now. He has also been in a movie called The Marine. Johns favorite food is ice cream and he is the second oldest of brothers Matt, Dan, Steve and Sean. Cena is a 3 time WWE champion. His very first match was against Kurt Angle and Cena won. He started his wrestling career in 2002 on Smackdown. In 2005, he was drafted to RAW. Chris Jerico was there to welcome him but so was Christian. Just this week Cena became the World Heavyweight Champion. This is what Cena said to Jericho: You want some , come get some.


john cena lost the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2006.


I Love john cena:]hahahahaha

- Amanda Dawgg:]

John Cena ripped his left legimet on October 1st, 2007

- Jamie

John Cena's was voted wrestler of the year in 2006.

- Mr.Cena(hehe)

John Cena's dad, John Cena Sr., was kicked in the head on August 27 2007 in Boston at RAW by Randy Orton. His dad suffered a severe concussion

- The Champ is Here-STG

John Cenas brother Daniel was hit by a drunk driver while patroling as a police officer in West Newberry.

- Cena source

John Cena has WrestleMania victories in 20, 21, 22, and 23 and his oppnents where Big Show, JBL, Triple H, and Shawn Micheals

- John Cena's Biggest # 1 Fan

John Cena played football when he was in colloge and his number was 54.

- ameenah

Cena made the 7ft 5in 450lb Great Khali tap out at Judgement Day 07' and Khali got pinned for the 1st time ever by the champ at One Night Stand 07'! Love ya John Cena

- Goergi Cena's #1 Chain Gang Member

John Cena is 30 years old. His birthday is April 23rd. His entrance music is The time is now. He is the WWE champion! He wears the same green shorts each time he goes into the ring, and before the match begins... he always kisses his dog tags for luck!

- Morgan- Cena's BIGGEST fan

John Cena is afraid of spiders

- Crazed teen fan

Cena's top three resturants are 1. Waffle House because of the southern hospitality, covered and smotheres 2. McDonalds because he can order 2 4 piece chicken nuggets and 2 double burgers for 4 bucks 3. Outback Steakhouse for the best steak.

- Mrs. Cena

Before wrestling John Cena was a limo driver!

- jade

John Cena's full name is John Felix Anthony Cena Junior. He grew up in West Newbury, Mass and attended Springfield College. John's entrance to was music before The Time is Now was Untouchbles. His birthday is April 23, 1977. He was born at 6:13. His parents' names are John and Carol Cena. He has four brothers Dan, Matt, Sean, and Steve (boog). One of his brothersdared him to drink from a puddle. The name of his grandma is Catherine. John has a cat named Sylvester. His favorite jersey is autographed one by #58 from the Chiefs. John Cena loves converts old cars into low riders. John's favorite kind of ice cream is Ben and Jerry's peanut butter. Cena's favorite food is steak while his favorite meal is steak and baked potatos on the grill. Cena's shoe size is 11 and his shirt size is XL.

- Faith John Felix Anthony Cena Junior's number one fan

John Cena was born on April 23,1977. John Cena's birthplace was at West New Bury in Massachusetts. He said very proudly “I love my home town and I always will”. He is 6 foot 1 and 240 pounds. He had been a wrestler for about 4 years holding the WWE title and United States title. He became famous by doing his moves FU, five knuckle shuffleand STFU. He is also a rapper with his latest album “You Can’t See Me” with songs such as “This how we Roll” and “Bad, bad Man” and more. He is in some movies called “The Marine” and many wrestling matches. He said “The Marine was the hardest movie that I had done”.

- Chani

Back In 2004 , John was stabbed in one of his kidneys while he was at a nightclub. In the movie THE MARINE , John Cena Perfectly played the role of John Triton. At WrestleMania 2006 , Cena made Triple H tap out to the STFU , retaining his WWE championship. He has been victorious at WrestleMania 20 , 21 , and 22 .

- Chain5Gang4Chick

John Cena applied to 60 colleges, 58 accepted him. His favorite food is Ice cream. His favorite basketball team is Boston Celtics, his favorite baseball team is Boston Red Sox, His favorite football team is New England Patirots. He is not a vegetarian. He played football for eight years and never missed a day of practice. His favorite store is Mitchell and Ness (it's where he buys his own jerseys). Has no tattoos. His schools are Christian Academy. Cushing Academy, and Springfield College. He loves playing video games and his favorite game is Madden. Before, he eats at McDonalds 5 times a week. He celebrates his birthday with former WWE wrestler Tony Atlas. His favorite actor is Harrison Ford and favorite actress is Marge Simpson. His favorite movie is starwars. He dreamed to be a rockstar as a kid. He idolized Roddy Piper as a kid. His idols are Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone-Cold and Roddy Piper. He had a girlfriend before but they broke up. He even kissed maria kanellis just to make her shut up. His fans are called part of the Chaingang. He was number 54 in college that why most of his shirts has number 54 on it. He has a large female Rotwieller. Before a match he knocks on wood. He doesn't listen to music while he trains. He wants to be the longest WWE Champ. His parents are John and Carol Cena. Tha Trademarc is his cousin. He has a pinto station wagon, a Chevy Impala, and a '89 Jeep Wrangler. He is not married. He has no kids. His shoe size is 11. His shirt size XL. He's left handed. He's shy (keeps to himself). Friends with Randy Orton. Starred in the movie 'The Marine'. He is one half of the World Tag Team Champions and the WWE Champ. His album is entitled 'You Can't See Me'. His entrance song is entitled 'The Time Is Now'. He watches wrestling with his whole family. His favorite chant is Yo, Yo, Yo. well that's all folks..thanks!

- Alyssa Mae Cena

John Cena's favorite actress is Marge Simpson (isn't that a cartoon).

- John Cena's number 1 fan

John Cena is long-term friends with Samoa Joe, and friends with Randy Orton. {off-camera}

- Mrs.Kendra and Keesha Cena

His favorite tv show is Family Guy.

- a crazy fan

Cena's Favorite quote is If you want some come get some!

- Chain Gang Princess

John Cena's favorite actor is Harrison Ford.

- jessica

John Cena has four brothers Sean, Steve, Matt, and Dan. His parents are John and Carol Cena. John's full name is Johnathon Felix Anthony Cena the second. He has four pets. One is a dog named Tyra and the other three are cats name Puma, Stinky and Graybee. John went to Springfield College.

- Alyssa

John Cena has a rottweiler named Tyra and three cats named Puma, Stinky and Graybee.

- a.k

John Cena has a degree in exercise physiology

- Briana Davis

Cena's favorite moment in wrestling history was when Hulk Hogan won the title in 1984 for the first time.

- Alyssa

John Cena amazingly managed to lift The huge 700 pound giant Big Show high in the air over his shoulder and hit the F-U on more than one occasion.

- Jay - Furious

John Cena is now third time WWE champ! He was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts and he is currently single! He is 2nd eldest of 5 brothers. His mum is called Carol and his dad was a wrestler before him. His Dad's name in the ring was Johnny Fabulous. His Grandma's name is Cathrine Cena. His hair colour is brown and his eyes are blue.

- Rizy

John Cena is 6'1.

- think bout u

John Cena Played In the Movie The Marine.

- Jessica

Cena's father, John Cena Sr., works in the professional wrestling business as Johnny Fabulous, an announcer for New England based Chaotic Wrestling, as well as acting as commissioner for East Coast Championship Wrestling.

- Tamara

John Cena's zodiac sign is Taurus.

- Ms. Cena

John cena was a Springfield college football superstar.

- Ms.Cena

John Cena's shoe size is 11.

- sequoia cena

John cena is left handed and his favorite food is ice-cream.

- Kristina 3

John Cena is the second oldest out of five brothers which are Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean.

- john cena rules

John Cena's movie The Marine premiered in theaters October 13th 2006.

- Briana Andrade

The origin of John Cena is of Italian descent.

- Breanna

John Cena's Birthday is in April. April 23,1977

- A friend

John Cena's full name is Jonathan Felix-Anthony Cena.

- Karissa Cena54

In 2006 John Cena with the help of Ric Flair won in tag-team against Johnny Nitro and Edge.

- Kayla

John Cena has four brothers. As of May 2006 Cena he is 29 years old.

- Anonymous

A big moment in John Cena's biography is when he became the WWE Champion twice.

- Rappin' Wrestler

The biography of John Cena began in 1977 when he was born in April on the twenty third.

- J. Cena Rocks

John Cena released a music album featuring rap named YOU CAN'T SEE ME.

- Violet

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