Famous Trombone Players Facts:

Peter Griffin Plays a Trombone Solo on Family Guy.

- Shim

Arthur Pryor maintained a constant vibrato, not because he wanted to, but of a severe quiver in his bottom lip caused by a kick to the face by a horse when he was a child.

- Rikerboy

Alex Henderson played with the Brian Setzer Orchestra for years. He has toured with No Doubt and Green Day. He currently plays with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

- LT

They play a trombone on charlie brown.

- bob

Harvey slide Seigel, one of Canadas great trombonist, played his horn for sixty years. He died as he wished, after falling off the stage while playing Dixieland in Florida. Seigel was just as happy playing the local pub as headlining the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He played with the greats- and couldnt read a note!

- ourgang

Jonathan Arons combined dancing with trombone playing in his many ground breaking performances as the dancing trombone player

Irvin Verret was a great trombone player. He played on the Jack Benny show for years with Phil Harris but also played with Wingy Manone.

- Michele

Another excellent jazz trombonist that cut an album with Slide Hampton who makes his home in Pittsburgh,Pa. and is still actively playing is Harold Betters The Album is called Harold Betters Meets Slide Hampton.


BARRY ROGERS is widely recognized as being the most influential trombone soloist in New York's formative Salsa scene from the early 1960's through the late 80's. The sound which he created transformed the way the trombone has been used in Latin music and still

Mike M and Timmy McTim Tom Timmy Tom A, Invented the Trombonn! It consists of 2 slides and 2 different sized bells, but 1 mouth piece!!!

- Mr. Perkins

Glen Miller and his band played for the american army anf even though there was chaos going on.. him and his band STILL finished their peice!

- miss trombone lady mirbabii

Tyrone Jefferson joined the famous singer James Brown in 1979 and quickly rose to the position of musical director by 1980. From 1981 through 2006, Tyrone was called in by the Godfather of Soul for Special events. He has started his own music publishing company Diaspora Connections.

- Philly2NC

Mr.Al Pinard (1906) was the fist trombonist to play the King.

- Danielle Bisaillon

Slide hampton is left handed

- -yo momma

Slide Hampton was a famous trombonist who played all around Europe after he was in his dad's band, named Hamptons Band. he went on tour alot with them and is probably the best role model for starting trombonists.

- -that trombonist down the street

Hans Neuschel took the instrument from the medieval times and turned it into a modern day trombone.

- Hans

Frank Rosolino is a famous trombone player. He can be heard on the famous album Fond Memories of Frank Rosolino. On November 26th of 1978 he shot his two sons and then turned the gun on himself. One of the sons ended up dead and the other blind and permanently disabled. Also Rosolio.

- Amy McDonough :)

Tommy Dorsey, one of the greatest of trombone players is famous for The Spell of the Blues and The Boogie Woogie.

- Rita Walker

Glenn Miller, a trombone player, invented the Big Band, kickin' off the cleverly named "Big Band Era".

- Buddin' Trombonist

Ray Anderson is a famous trombone artist who is known for the composition If I Ever Had A Home It Was A Slide Trombone and The Gahootz.

- Anderson Fan

J. J. Johnson is a famous musician who is well known for his trombone bepop style. He has worked with several other famous jazz players and performaers such as Miles Davis, Max Roach, and many others.

- Jazzy Trombone

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