Aztec Symbols Facts:

The sun god said they would find homeland where they saw an eagle sitting on a cactus with snake in its mouth. They did, it was tenochitlan and is now mexico city

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Quetzalcoatl means feathered snake, the feathers refer to everything that flies and the snakes to everything that is earthly... and so the feathered snake covers the sky and the earth, meaning Quetzalcoatl rules over everything.

- Xochipilli

Aztec symbols represent many things that are used throughout daily lives of the Aztec people. For example fire, dog, water and a serpant are common symbols that are used everyday by them.


The Aztec symbols are very similar to the characters that the Japanese and Chinesse used.

The Aztec symbol Quetzalcoatl represents a serpent with feathers. One of the most important Aztec symbols it represents a major diety or god of the Aztecs as well as the Toltecs.

- Feathered Snake

The Aztec symbol of the snake is drawn picturing a snake head with a long necka and forked tounge.

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The Aztec calendar is also known as the Sun Stone. Aztec symbols were carved on the original stone around the fifteenth century.

- Lost World

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